Official club membership

If you’ve set up your club and would like to make it an official registered FCSP supporters club, there are only three conditions you need to meet.

1) Gather together a minimum of five people

2) Accept FCSP’s “self-concept statement” [Selbstverständnis] See Below

3) Contact the Supporters Club Spokescouncil [Fanclubsprecherrat]. Visit here to apply (translate the page in your browser) and send your membership request and club info to . We’ve found it doesn’t hurt to cc the Fanladen so they both know you are trying to obtain official membership status.

Advantages to official status

– Supporters clubs are sent circulars at irregular intervals containing the latest information and invitations to supporter tournaments, for example;

– Supporters clubs have first option on away travel organised by the Fanladen;

– Only registered supporters clubs are eligible to take part in the official supporter championship, the Millerntor Cup, and the open-air tournament.

– Every region has a personal point of contact on the Supporters Club Spokescouncil who provides information, answers queries and acts as a mediator.

– Each supporters club is entitled to send two representatives to the annual delegates meeting.


1) The main goal of the supporters club is to support the club and the club teams.

2) Registered supporters clubs translate this goal into action by various activities with the means at their disposal.

3) Supporters clubs maintain contact to other supporters clubs and support the work of the Supporters Club Spokescouncil.

4) Supporters clubs agree to comply with the stadium regulations of FC St. Pauli and the away travel regulations of the Fanladen.

5) Supporters clubs oppose all forms of discrimination against people, all forms of racism, sexism and hooliganism, and all forms of disparagement and discrimination against same-sex preferences and tendencies.

6) Supporters clubs update their details once a year via the online database.

7) Registered supporters clubs agree to pass this statement to their members and encourage them to comply with it.